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So first off congrats to the Pens for winning their fifth Stanley Cup, and congratulations to Nashville for having a truly great playoffs. There's no shame in losing a series in six games especially against such a talented team like Pittsburgh.

Now about the refereeing. Sit down NHL. We need to have a talk. Look, I understand the rule that states that when a referee loses sight of the puck they are to blow the play dead. I understand the rationale behind it, namely to keep players from shish kabobbing their opponents in the goal crease or corner when the puck is clearly underneath a player. And yes, I agree with the rationale there. However Nashville tonight was clearly robbed of a good goal and as I'm understanding it three referees, every camera angle, and every player on the ice can see that the puck was nowhere near Pittsburgh goalie Matt Murray when it was poked into the net yet it can't be awarded as a good goal?

Really? You do realize that you now allow coaches to challenge goalie interference and offsides now. Not only that you've allowed goalies to be sat on MMA style for goals that counted this playoff but that one can't be immediately ruled good? Lets just say that I know I'm missing something here and hope you do too. :-p

Ok. I"m just going to file that under "More Bad NHL Refereeing" and move on. In the final tally Pittsburgh won the series because they were the better team overall and that's the truth.  Still....
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