Jan. 29th, 2017

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....and that list DOESN'T include Saudi Arabia or Pakistan? You know, the countries behind such wonderfully uplifting moments like 9/11 and the Mumbai attacks. Oh, yeah I forgot. He has business interests there. Just keeping it real folks.

I know it won't happen but I really, really hope the deeply devout, seriously politically active evangelical bloc comes out hard against this type of religious discrimination. I'm not asking anyone to care about refugees fleeing ISIS, the total destruction of the US's standing in the world, or the economic damage of preventing skilled workers from being to reenter the country. What I'm asking is for them to be properly afraid of the precedent being set here because demographics change, and if discrimination is acceptable against one group then how can it be opposed if its ever directed at you?

American conservatives get worked up about the Second Amendment all the time. Lets see if they have the same passion for the First. It's there to protect them too when the wheel inevitably turns.
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I have to confess that I used to think you were close to Satan incarnate but after body checking Justin Bieber into the boards during a celebrity hockey game this weekend I'm more than willing to reevaluate your career!

And for those who think this was unnecessary or brutal let me assure you Bieber got off light. If it had been a real game Pronger might have knocked him unconscious and then stomped on his leg. The guy had 8 suspensions and 1500 penalty minutes after all.


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