Apr. 11th, 2017

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So don't get me wrong. I found the idea of a paying customer just being told "Nope, you paying for our service means nothing" to be both a sobering reminder that consumer protections are essential in a capitalist society, and that use of force needs to be reined in significantly in North America. But really, I found the video of the man being dragged down the aisle like a bag of trash, his glasses and dignity eschew, all bloodied up, to be funny in the type of dark, gallows humour way that lets me get through day after hopeless day.

And really if you look at it through that lens its freakin' hilarious, which is the BIG problem for United. After seeing them just randomly select someone for a complimentary beating in a time when you can't even get a drink without mortgaging your soul can you really blame me for wondering if their preflight safety briefings will now be starting with "Sit down and shut the f**k up, now here's how you put on your seatbelt"? Or to wonder if United will start a new anti-air rage campaign where they threaten to deplane problem passengers mid-flight? Again the sketch comedy potential of that makes me chuckle and that chuckle now has the name United.

Look I get the airline industry has very tight profit/loss margins, jittery passengers worried about terrorism, the TSA, drunk passengers, drunk pilots, worries about design flaws and system failures, lost luggage and of course, crashes. No one airline can stand immune from all that but geesh United went over and above to become the face of all that consumers dislike about flying and they did it with style. How they responded to it is now their brand and like I said, its hilarious.
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Just to post something other than dark humour tonight here's a nice cover of Rush's "Time Stand Still" by Surreal. As weird as this sounds I like how it feels like its missing something important (the bass and drums) yet still delivers a full arrangement. It just works.

Enjoy! :-)

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Ok. I'll admit that I'm not sure if this is just Sean Spicer being incredibly bad at communicating White House policy or if White House policy is starting to trend towards holocaust denial. Sadly considering Trump's staff both are plausible.

One thing I do know that Mr. Spicer clearly didn't about the difference between Assad and Hitler is this. Assad brings his chemical weapons to his victims in the streets. Hitler brought his victims to his chemical weapons in concentration camps. Whether that is an inconsequential or all important difference the fact remains that Hitler did use them and with a horrifying efficiency Assad can only dream of.

And no, I do not want Mr. Spicer to resign or be forced out. He's the perfect messenger to relay this nightmare's mix of horror and amusement.


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