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So a gentleman is on trial for smuggling gold out of the Royal Canadian Mint and as part of the investigation they had to test if their theory of how he did it was feasible.

I'm just going to post an excerpt from the interview. Some people really don't get paid enough.


"CO: Did they show, or prove, that this is something that could actually go up someone's rectum?

KE: They did. There was testimony from the security people that they had actually tested this on a human being. And that when that person went through the metal detector, it went off. But when the person was given the secondary wand test, it didn't go off. So to them this was further evidence that indeed this could very well have been the method by which these "pucks" had left The Mint.

CO: Good heavens. Did the security person testify? I mean, do we know, was it a volunteer?

KE: Carol, I'm sorry. I don't know.

CO: Somebody drew the short straw on that one.

KE: Whenever you think you're having a bad day at the CBC . . ."

I know its bad but I can't stop laughing about this. Probably because this story is more than just eye opening! I mean who knew "puck possession" could mean anything outside of a hockey game...

Ok, ok. I'll stop now. If you want to read the rest of interview its here. It's literally comedic gold. D'oh! I did it again!

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That's the second time I've seen a CF-18 Hornet fighter jet booking it over the city. Not sure what's going on since we don't have a base nearby. Maybe some sort of NORAD drill?

In related news I also think I saw a C-17 taking off from the local airport. I wonder if he was coming back from Alberta. That Fort McMurray fire is getting so out of control I can't even watch the news for more than a few minutes at a time. It's just too heart breaking. 
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Proof that everything Russian is crazy, including their professional hockey league's All-Star Game. Here's Linus Omark attempting to....well, just watch the video. Even non hockey fans will like this! I promise!

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I realize that the store employee is technically right that they would have eventually found the elderly person they locked in their garden centre at closing. I'm just not sure that's the type of newspaper story any business wants to be featured in. When the best case scenario is to be the butt of jokes from a human interest story you might want to rethink your cavaliar closing procedures on a hot weekend day lest next time it ends up as a preventable death featured on page 1.

At least I was in the right place at the right time to get them to let her out. *shrug*

And in weather news I'm so hot I've stopped sweating and feel like total garbage. Think I'm going to take some time to get rehydrated.
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So Alberta had its election and after 44 years in power the Progressive Conservatives have been defeated and before we go any further that number is not a misprint. I'm not really surprised in some ways that this happened given the rot that seemed to have set in over the past decade in particular. I'm just surprised how spectacular the collapse was. I'm not sure which of these things I'm most surprised by:

1. The NDP winning a majority government in Alberta of all places. I mean this is after all the ideological homeland of the Reform Party, who are the current brand of political Big-C Conservatism in Canada at the moment. Which brings me to point #2....

2. Peter MacKay, the Federal Minister of Justice (Conservative) saying that members of Canada's ruling Conservative Party were referring to Alberta as "Albertastan" as a result of the NDP win. For the record I almost choked on my sandwich over that one, since as per point #1 that's their idealogical homeland and strongest base of support. Is this a term of contempt for voters who may not agree with you come the October federal election or fear that you aren't going to be re-elected. Maybe both but time will tell. Lets just say that I'm really surprised he used that particular term with the media. Its almost like he's accepting somehow that Alberta as a bastion of the Conservative Party is a lost cause. Which brings me to point #3...

3. Outgoing Alberta Premier Jim Prentice saying he not only was resigning immediately as head of the Progressive Conservatives (which is fairly traditional following a loss) but also that he was resigning the seat he just won. Normally the former leader stays on as a member at least until a successor is chosen. To just say "I'm gone" like that is quite telling. Considering their leader just quit altogether, the even more conservative Wildrose Party is siphoning off members and the NDP just trounced them the Conservative Party in Alberta may take years to regroup from this and who knows what form it will be in. The last time that happened federally the Conservative Party was split up and unable to stop the Liberals from 13 years of uninterrupted rule largely made possible until Stephen Harper led the reconstituted Conservative Party back into power. Which leads me to point #4...

4. Stephen Harper is probably not having an easy night sleep over this. He's leading a government that isn't particularily popular, is mired in some serious scandals, undergoing economic stress, and dealing with concerns about accountability and the various other items of baggage a ten year old Canadian government accumulates. None of that is necessarily a death kneel but having your home turf go over to the NDP has got to be seriously disconcerting.

The federal election this fall could be very interesting, especially if this is the end of a particular cycle or phase in Canadian politics. Time will tell.
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Today I ran into old coworkers finishing a 10K run, a full blown bagpipe band marching down the street, two Americans who wanted to know the economic history of my city and two loons swimming in the river.

Americans wanting me to explain various Canadian socio-economic-political issues may not be that common, but its not unheard of.* Loons in the river here though? Never seen that, ever. Honestly, I'm thinking transients migrating south since I can't imagine where they'd be able to find a good undisturbed place for them to nest that meets all their requirements. Still cool to see though. Would have been even more epic if they'd called. That is one haunting bird song.

*This would be the third pair that have asked me something like this. The first was two guys from Tennessee wanting to know why they were tipping strippers with money that had Queen Elizabeth on it when she lives in England, and the second was a nice couple from Alabama who decided to cross into Canada on a lark and wondered if everyone was celebrating the Fourth of July three days early, and if so, why.  No mockery here for either case. That's just legitimate curiosity and good instincts, I say.

And no, I wasn't ever in the strip club. They asked me that while they were out walking around the next day.


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