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Kellie Leitch wants to ensure that all immigrants to Canada are screened to make sure they hold Canadian values. What I'd like to know is how this sort of dog whistle politics protects our citizens, immigrants and other residents who are enjoying the Canadian value of worshipping however they choose to from being shot by white, non-Muslim, native born racist mass murderers.  Considering she wants to be PM and is campaigning on a Trumpist platform its a valid question with an easy answer.

It doesn't. All Trumpism brings is death, lies, and misery.

Oh, and with regards to the alternate facts and fake news claiming that there was a second, Muslim shooter arrested. It is true that a gentleman was arrested outside of the mosque after running away from the police. He was released once they realized he was actually a witness who thought the armed police that responded were gunmen returning to kill more people. Given the situation I think running was a perfectly understandable response. I know I would of.

And now for the final thought. I really, really need something else I can post about because my mental health isn't going to be able to withstand having to constantly post about Trumpist stupidity and violence.
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Donald Trump wishing his many enemies a Happy New Year is exactly the type of tweet I imagine Joseph Stalin would have sent out just before starting a purge.

Also I really need to pick up "The Art of the Deal". It can go on the same shelf with "Mein Kampf" and "Selected Quotations of Mao Tse Tung".


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