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All credit to [ profile] bubblesbrnaid for inspiring me to do another of these. Since I'm on call for tomorrow I'm going to do Days 1 and 2 because, well, just because. :-)

Day 1: A song you like with a color in the title

Really, when it comes to musicians are their really any on the planet who are greater than Neil Young? Yes! Too many to count, actually. :-) But I love the fact he just DOES. I'd like to have a little more of that back in my life, frankly.

Day 2: A song you like with a number in the title

Completely irrelevant and unnecessary personal fact - I used to do a fairly reasonable version of this song back in high school. Let me just say the hardest part is getting through the final third without your right arm cramping up and/or falling off.

More relevant trivia fact. The song and video were inspired by the book "Johnny Got his Gun". The dialogue parts are from the film version.

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Just to post something other than dark humour tonight here's a nice cover of Rush's "Time Stand Still" by Surreal. As weird as this sounds I like how it feels like its missing something important (the bass and drums) yet still delivers a full arrangement. It just works.

Enjoy! :-)

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Yep. Its that time of the day.


Hey I haven't had a chance to play my guitar lately. Time to indulge myself in some slow slithery riffs mixed with power chords run through my two distortion pedals. And yes, sometimes I do use them both at the same time. Tonight will be one of those nights.:-)
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Decided to practice on my Drop D tuned strat for the night. It's not a tuning I use a lot for some unknown reason. It is a very useful and fun tuning after all.
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Courtesy of a friend's facebook feed here is some really nice music. Now how the hell am I supposed to get stuff done now? :-)

First for my late uncle Mike. I think he'd enjoy this take on one of his favourite band's classic songs:

Next here's a nice take on one of my favourite movie soundtracks pieces. Trust me, what he's doing with his left hand at the beginning is not easy to do well:

And finally this. I think it just illustrates why I love music and finding cool new stuff. It's the only part of my life that never shrinks to nothing but instead always expands to new horizons.

Most of these are from Candyrat Records and can be found here.
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The Tragically Hip's final concert is being broadcast on Seems like a fitting end to a  band that's become a part of Canadiana the way they have, even if it is such a sad departure.

Oh well, no one lives forever right. At least lead singer Gord Downie is getting to enjoy one last hurray. We all should be so blessed, really.

Anyway here's a few tunes of theirs to enjoy. I didn't put much thought into the choices since their catalogue has been consistently solid:

"Blow at High Dough" from "Up to Here" (1989)

"Grace, Too" from "Day for Night" (1994)

And lastly "Ahead by a Century" from an album whose name I can't remember. Oh well, two out of three ain't bad?

Anyway good night all. I need to get set for the concert.
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Just heard the lead singer of the Tragically Hip has terminal brain cancer. 2016, you're fired.
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He was a a legend who defied categorization and musically I think we're all the better for it. In a world where most things end up being pigeonholed into easy to define categories he remained a chameleon right to the end.

In his memory here's "Baal's Hymn" which I first heard when I was in a production of "Woyczek" during college. This was the tune the director had playing (and us marching to on the risers) before the curtain opened.

Like a lot of other stuff Bowie did it was perfectly suited to the moment. Somehow it seems perfect again albeit in a sadder moment.

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Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead passed away today. Not really surprised that many of the artists I grew up listening to have passed since many of them have a lot of hard years on their frames but still. Makes one feel old, it does.

Thanks for the memories Lemmy. Have fun jamming with Philthy. :-)

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Never really listened to anything by Disturbed but I have to say this is a nice take on a legendary song. Here's "The Sound of Silence". Enjoy! I especially like the contrast between his voice at the start and the end of the song. That octave jump is tricky.

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First here's Kaki King's "Playing with Pink Noise", followed by Oystein Baadsvik playing "Fnugg". Hope you enjoy.

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I regret only that I be not granted leave by the dread pirate boss to speak so to those customers who we come across as we ply the treacherous waters of our working hours. It would not avenge the innumerable tellings of "Fuck off, asshole!" that each day sees me given, but it would make me just that little less eager to tie meself to a cannon and leap to Davy Jones Locker in frustration.

Ah well. At least I now have the shore leave to get drunk on a glorious cocktail of Metal and Sea Shanties. Enjoy me hearties!

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Yeah I wasn't in the mood for any tonight. What I was in the mood for was just making my fingers raw and my ears bleed (figuratively of course) so it was all Sabbath, Priest, Zeppelin and even some Ted Nugent coming from my amp's headphones.

Yeah "Stranglehold" is definitely a trip down memory lane. I used to jam on that with some guys in my college dorm. Fun song to do when you just want to meander for 20 minutes. Self indulgent but sometimes needed.
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Today a nice bicycle riding gentleman told me that as far as I was concerned I could go to Hell, simply because I didn't leap off of the narrow pedestrian walkway into speeding motor traffic just to get out of his way when he decided to zoom down it.

Personally I bear him no grudge. After all if he hadn't of stopped so I could walk around him safely I would have jumped. After all if I'm going to be hit by a vehicle speeding through areas its not legally allowed to be I'm not going to willing go under the tires. Not when I can instead jump over and land on a nice squishy meat pillow to break my fall. Heck, if I was in any condition to I'd even try to keep his spine stabilized while the ambulance comes.

What can I say? If someone wants to send my down to hell through their own recklessness then I insist on them coming with me so I can give them a guided tour and arrange proper accomodations. And with that in mind, lets have some AC/DC!

\m/  :-p    \m/

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I think this weekend I'm going to post an album review. Try to hold me to this. I need to get writing stuff again.
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Of course I'm behind the times on this due to real life committments but I was rather saddened to hear that Jack Bruce had passed away. He always was one of my favourite bassists and singers, and as part of one of rock's first "supergroups" and "hard rock trios" his impact on rock history is definitely up there. I know Eric Clapton got the main headlines both during and after Cream's two and half year run in the mid Sixties but he and Ginger Baker definitely gave Slowhand a nice foundation to work with.

I can't claim to have ever played this as well as they could but I will say that rocking out on this probably kept me from breaking my hand during some very frustrating late elementary school years. So for your enjoyment here's "Sunshine of Your Love" from their Farewell Concert in 1968. Farewell Mr. Bruce, you will be missed. :-)

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Many years ago I was in a small band made up of fellow employees that came together to play a workplace function. While the function itself was cancelled and the band soon broke up afterwards, it was a fun time. Being the third guitarist because the other two were really good I just concentrated on laying down a solid rhythm for them to jump off of, and I was perfectly happy to do it. Why? Because as I said in the title, somebody has to be "Malcolm".

Sadly I've learned that Malcom Young of AC/DC is leaving the group permanently because he has dementia. Reports I've read indicate that he's deteriorated to the extent that he's unable to care for himself, let alone perform. That saddens me for a lot of reasons. I'm sad that the glue of one of rock's most celebrated sounds has to leave us on terms not of his own choosing, and I'm sad that his solid playing is no longer able to be enjoyed live or in new studio albums. But I think mostly I'm sad because dementia is such a sad fate for anyone and their loved ones to endure, whether its a great rhythm guitarist or a beloved grandparent.

I tried to find a video or track that showed him off a bit but couldn't find anything. You know what though? That's ok. Malcolm Young wasn't a guitarist who you listened to, he was a musician you felt. :-)

Good luck Malcolm and thanks for the feelings.
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As a person who is proud of their Scottish ancestry I've been following the referendum there tonight and I'm going to say it. I'm glad they stayed. Now though is the difficult part. The campaigning is over, the voters have spoken and its up to the elected leaders to turn their interpretations of what was said into concrete results. I can only hope that all involved can go ahead with wisdom and humility, and let what might have been go into the past so that everyone can walk together into the future.

Good luck Scotland! Much love from Canada tonight!

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[ profile] padawansguide posted a fun little music quiz so I decided to throw my own list into the fray. Due to the length of all this I've tossed it behind the cut:

Tuneage and Explanations: )
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I will not lie or sugar coat it. This has been an absolutely shitty winter that has played havoc on both my psyche and my knees. It's probably a pretty safe assumption that I'm not alone in this assessment so I figured I'd just post two things that brought a smile to my face today.

1. Backup goalie turns backup dancer. Sweet moves, especially since he's in almost full equipment, including goalie skates.

2. Uli Jon Roth playing "We'll Burn the Sky" live. I LOVE this type of stuff. Tasty bends, nice modal melodies, and impressive neo-classical runs executed with such a soft touch. Seriously, this is what I aim for when I fool around in my apartment.

*Sigh* So far away.


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