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I know I said a long time ago when Agent Orange's foreign scandal broke that Ronald Reagan was spinning in his grave so fast he was generating his own magnetic field. After watching that cringe inducing cabinet meeting/Dear Leader love in/shameless bootlicking session I'm expanding that to every signer of the Declaration of Independence.

If this is the new normal for the Executive Branch then American democracy, at least as its generally existed for almost 250 years, is pretty much done.  Really only one question now remains.

Where did I put my popcorn? This is some seriously entertaining shit to watch, in a plane crash/mass casualty sort of way.
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In a nutshell my thoughts on it are this. Its up to the Ambassador's country to choose who they want to send as the representative of their nation, and if they think Sarah Palin is the perfect embodiment of both America and its current Administration then its really not for me or any other Canadian to argue that choice. At least that's how diplomacy usually works although I strongly doubt that will be the case here no matter who they send.

I would however suggest she take language lessons in at least one of our two official languages so that she can speak one of them understandably. That's not a hack at her. I just expect an ambassador to be able to deliver news of an impending trade war or military invasion in a coherent fashion.

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Kellie Leitch wants to ensure that all immigrants to Canada are screened to make sure they hold Canadian values. What I'd like to know is how this sort of dog whistle politics protects our citizens, immigrants and other residents who are enjoying the Canadian value of worshipping however they choose to from being shot by white, non-Muslim, native born racist mass murderers.  Considering she wants to be PM and is campaigning on a Trumpist platform its a valid question with an easy answer.

It doesn't. All Trumpism brings is death, lies, and misery.

Oh, and with regards to the alternate facts and fake news claiming that there was a second, Muslim shooter arrested. It is true that a gentleman was arrested outside of the mosque after running away from the police. He was released once they realized he was actually a witness who thought the armed police that responded were gunmen returning to kill more people. Given the situation I think running was a perfectly understandable response. I know I would of.

And now for the final thought. I really, really need something else I can post about because my mental health isn't going to be able to withstand having to constantly post about Trumpist stupidity and violence.
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....but because they were Muslims praying in a mosque do they matter? They do to me.

As per my usual policy I'm going to hold off further commentary until more news is released. Needless to say I am NOT happy about this.
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....and that list DOESN'T include Saudi Arabia or Pakistan? You know, the countries behind such wonderfully uplifting moments like 9/11 and the Mumbai attacks. Oh, yeah I forgot. He has business interests there. Just keeping it real folks.

I know it won't happen but I really, really hope the deeply devout, seriously politically active evangelical bloc comes out hard against this type of religious discrimination. I'm not asking anyone to care about refugees fleeing ISIS, the total destruction of the US's standing in the world, or the economic damage of preventing skilled workers from being to reenter the country. What I'm asking is for them to be properly afraid of the precedent being set here because demographics change, and if discrimination is acceptable against one group then how can it be opposed if its ever directed at you?

American conservatives get worked up about the Second Amendment all the time. Lets see if they have the same passion for the First. It's there to protect them too when the wheel inevitably turns.
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I think I'm going to link to some of the so-called rogue scientist accounts that have arisen lately in the US. Normally I prefer to get my scientific data from the press but since I'm pretty sure that won't be possible for the next four years or so this is probably the next best thing. Not that I'm surprised by this of course since Stephen Harper's similar muzzling of Canadian scientists is one of many reasons why my conscience prevents me from even considering voting for the right wing in Canada.

What can I say? I like real facts, not alternate ones.
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Kevin O'Leary, the bald mean guy from "Shark Tank" and "Dragon's Den" has entered the Conservative Party of Canada's leadership race and has floated the idea of selling Senate seats to those people able to afford them.

Really. I shit you not.

I'm going to hit the pause button so you can take a moment or two to digest the implications of people being able to outright purchase an office in a democracy, especially given the fact that dirty and foreign money can be laundered into legitimite revenue streams in any country, no matter how stringent their financial laws.

*hold music plays*

Alrighty then. I guess the easiest way for me to explain why I will never vote for the Conservative Party is that I just don't hate my country enough to deliver it into the hands of such people. Although to be fair to Mr. O'Leary I do appreciate him making it clear that the only citizens that would matter to him are those with money. I find the honesty refreshing actually.

Seriously between Kellie Leitch and her xenophobia and O'Leary Trumpism is making a strong push north.
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Donald Trump wishing his many enemies a Happy New Year is exactly the type of tweet I imagine Joseph Stalin would have sent out just before starting a purge.

Also I really need to pick up "The Art of the Deal". It can go on the same shelf with "Mein Kampf" and "Selected Quotations of Mao Tse Tung".


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