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In a nutshell my thoughts on it are this. Its up to the Ambassador's country to choose who they want to send as the representative of their nation, and if they think Sarah Palin is the perfect embodiment of both America and its current Administration then its really not for me or any other Canadian to argue that choice. At least that's how diplomacy usually works although I strongly doubt that will be the case here no matter who they send.

I would however suggest she take language lessons in at least one of our two official languages so that she can speak one of them understandably. That's not a hack at her. I just expect an ambassador to be able to deliver news of an impending trade war or military invasion in a coherent fashion.

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....but because they were Muslims praying in a mosque do they matter? They do to me.

As per my usual policy I'm going to hold off further commentary until more news is released. Needless to say I am NOT happy about this.
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Kevin O'Leary, the bald mean guy from "Shark Tank" and "Dragon's Den" has entered the Conservative Party of Canada's leadership race and has floated the idea of selling Senate seats to those people able to afford them.

Really. I shit you not.

I'm going to hit the pause button so you can take a moment or two to digest the implications of people being able to outright purchase an office in a democracy, especially given the fact that dirty and foreign money can be laundered into legitimite revenue streams in any country, no matter how stringent their financial laws.

*hold music plays*

Alrighty then. I guess the easiest way for me to explain why I will never vote for the Conservative Party is that I just don't hate my country enough to deliver it into the hands of such people. Although to be fair to Mr. O'Leary I do appreciate him making it clear that the only citizens that would matter to him are those with money. I find the honesty refreshing actually.

Seriously between Kellie Leitch and her xenophobia and O'Leary Trumpism is making a strong push north.
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I've said it before that the most dangerous animal outside of honeybees in Canada are moose and this video shows why. Take a look at where the animal's centre of mass is compared to the hood of the car. That could have been up to 1500 lbs EACH coming through his wind shield at speed and its not unknown for all that meat to end up in the BACK seat of the car.

Yeah. That's scary.

And as for his driving my hat is off to him. If he'd slammed the brakes instead of letting off when he started to slide he'd never have been able to thread the needle and in all probability would have hit at least one of them.

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Not that I really care that much over how much it sold*, I'm more interested in the fact that Lawren Harris is my favourite artist among The Group of Seven and their compatriots like Emily Carr and Tom Thompson. There is just something about his stark lines and colour choices that captures the Arctic. Honestly if I ever do make it up there he will deserve much of the credit for inspiring the journey.

Enough blabbering. Here is "Mountain Forms" by Lawren Harris. Enjoy!

*I do realize that there are wider issues of access to culture, and who gatekeeps that access, when big money is thrown around. Let's just enjoy the painting though as a break from more weighty issues. :-)
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Namely how in the hell is Canada going to be able to work with the US with Trump in charge? Its not like we can ignore the US, with us being their largest trading partner, NORAD partner, and largest land border. Trump and Trudeau will have to figure something out but Jesus, if we thought George W. Bush was hard to work with...lets just say my mind sees a torturous next four years at least.

Now I'm not actually scared of renegotiations over NAFTA because negotiations go both ways. There are alot of things Canadians would demand as concessions from the US if it was reopened, and if the US walked away, well, there's always the Chinese and European Union markets that need our resources. Frankly I'd rather the economic hardship than capitulate to Trump and if that means getting closer to China, well, perhaps that's how it might have to go. That's assuming at Trump doesn't just invade and kill us all. This is Trump after all, a guy whose shown he can't be trusted with a Twitter account let alone launch codes.

Added to that last point is the fact that I don't know what Trump's exact relationship with Putin is and that is very worrying. As concerned as I am that a Trump administration will try to bully Canada I'm even more worried about where he really stands on NATO. If Russia invaded Canadian territory, would he respect Article 5* or would he just say "Meh. It's just business" and leave us out to dry? If I'm that nervous I can't even imagine what Poland or the Baltic States must think.

Well it is what is. I've always said that electing Trump would have serious consequences for the US's standing in the world and the US has to deal with it. Trudeau will no doubt try his best and maybe the realization that a Trump administration is not likely to be our, or any one else's friend will lead to some good developments outside of the US. At least it gives Canada a golden chance to show once and for all to the world that we are not just like Americans. Provided we can repudiate our own homegrown bigots who will likely be emboldened by this tragedy.

I'm tired. It was a long night. I'm going to bed.

*Article 5 states that an attack on one NATO member is an attack on all NATO members. It's been invoked only once, after the 9/11 attacks on the United States.
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Yes. Yes we do. And we need to talk about beer.

Most of you know this but its really hard to drink a full can of beer after throwing it at the back of a Baltimore Oriole player's head while he's making an outfield catch. It's disrespectful to the men and women of the brewing company who made that beer, the truck drivers who transported it to the stadium, and the concession stand employees who took a day's pay for it.

Now most of the news focused on how close it came to the guys noggin, but not me. I focus on the important stuff on this blog. That beer lay there, its golden nectar pouring from its opened top into the outfield, and all I could see was disrespect and cowardice. At no point did the person who threw that beer attempt to retrieve it. Beer is sacred, Jays fans. If you throw a beer at a player than you should be immediately diving headfirst from the bleachers and joyously chugging that beverage as the opposing team, security and the police honour you with punches, pepper spray and the sweet song of a taser.  To do anything less dishonours the sacred memory of all those whose alcohol fuelled accomplishments live on through story, song, and Youtube videos.

Turn in your man card, sir. Turn in your Canadianness. No, turn in your very liver itself for denying it the challenge of keeping you alive from acute alcohol poisoning.

Shame. Ye verily Shame.

*shakes head in solemn sadness at the grave dishonour done to the brew that is true*
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Ok. I'm just going to start with the facts here. A gentleman in Ottawa, Jeff Weber, has been found Not Criminally Responsible (NCR) for a brutal hammer attack that fractured his victim's skull and left him blind in one eye. Now I am not going to second guess the psychiatrists, the lawyers, or the judge here because the whole idea for NCR is to get people like Mr. Weber the help they need so that they can a) be productive citizens, and b) not present a danger to themselves and others. I wholeheartedly support this concept. Prison is not a good place to warehouse mentally ill people who will in all likelihood come out even more damaged than they went in.


This is Mr. Weber's FOURTH finding of NCR for a violent incident, which is believed to be a Canadian legal record. Clearly reintegration into the community is not working for both himself and the general public so as harsh as this may sound I hope they find him a good permanent fit in a secure psychiatric unit for the rest of his life. This is a man who has abducted people, been tasered by police, and now cracked someone's skull with a hammer. If he's out its clear its only a matter of time before he either kills someone or is killed himself. Don't get me wrong. I have nothing but sympathy for the hell he must be experiencing as a paranoid schizophrenic but he is dangerously non-functional. That's the whole point of being found NCR instead of guilty.

So lighter stuff from the World Cup of Hockey, which has been a bit of a yawner since Canada has steamrolled everyone in their path. Don't get me wrong, Team North America played fun hockey, the USA's collapse was interesting (and a sign of good things to come for them in the future, believe it or not), and Team Europe being the surprise of the tournament were fun story lines but there just hasn't been the drama previous World and Canada Cups have provided. So why am I posting?

Because I had to pick up my jaw after this goal against Russia. Seriously I could barely go between my legs playing basketball. Corey Perry does it on a garbage goal in ice hockey.

Damn. That was a nice goal. Seriously. Watch the replays.

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So a gentleman is on trial for smuggling gold out of the Royal Canadian Mint and as part of the investigation they had to test if their theory of how he did it was feasible.

I'm just going to post an excerpt from the interview. Some people really don't get paid enough.


"CO: Did they show, or prove, that this is something that could actually go up someone's rectum?

KE: They did. There was testimony from the security people that they had actually tested this on a human being. And that when that person went through the metal detector, it went off. But when the person was given the secondary wand test, it didn't go off. So to them this was further evidence that indeed this could very well have been the method by which these "pucks" had left The Mint.

CO: Good heavens. Did the security person testify? I mean, do we know, was it a volunteer?

KE: Carol, I'm sorry. I don't know.

CO: Somebody drew the short straw on that one.

KE: Whenever you think you're having a bad day at the CBC . . ."

I know its bad but I can't stop laughing about this. Probably because this story is more than just eye opening! I mean who knew "puck possession" could mean anything outside of a hockey game...

Ok, ok. I'll stop now. If you want to read the rest of interview its here. It's literally comedic gold. D'oh! I did it again!

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Ladies and Gentlemen I present my vote for Canada's Official Bird, the deceptively cute, solidly adaptive, and quite fearless....

Its a big picture of a small bird... )
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The Tragically Hip's final concert is being broadcast on Seems like a fitting end to a  band that's become a part of Canadiana the way they have, even if it is such a sad departure.

Oh well, no one lives forever right. At least lead singer Gord Downie is getting to enjoy one last hurray. We all should be so blessed, really.

Anyway here's a few tunes of theirs to enjoy. I didn't put much thought into the choices since their catalogue has been consistently solid:

"Blow at High Dough" from "Up to Here" (1989)

"Grace, Too" from "Day for Night" (1994)

And lastly "Ahead by a Century" from an album whose name I can't remember. Oh well, two out of three ain't bad?

Anyway good night all. I need to get set for the concert.
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That's the second time I've seen a CF-18 Hornet fighter jet booking it over the city. Not sure what's going on since we don't have a base nearby. Maybe some sort of NORAD drill?

In related news I also think I saw a C-17 taking off from the local airport. I wonder if he was coming back from Alberta. That Fort McMurray fire is getting so out of control I can't even watch the news for more than a few minutes at a time. It's just too heart breaking. 
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I really don't. What do I say to 60,000 of my fellow citizens who have to flee their city? I hope its still there when you get back?

Fort McMurray people, stay safe. Its all you can do now.
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School should be a place of learning, not bloodshed. I'm sorry that wasn't the case today. Stay strong.
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Just a reminder that if you assassinate the Premier of Alberta Santa (and the other guys in red, the Mounties) will put you on their Naughty List and you'll get a big lump of coal in your stocking. Not to mention possibly receiving other things in the prison shower.

So here's what you need to do. First take some chalk and write on the blackboard 100 times "I will not assassinate ANYBODY". Then sit in the corner facing the wall for a couple of hours for your timeout, and then go eat at the kiddie table while the adults talk about adult things.

Oh and you're grounded until you do your homework on D'Arcy McGee and write a 1000 word essay on why he needs to remain the last Canadian politician ever assassinated.

And speaking of adult talk I do have to give kudos for Wildrose leader Brian Jean telling people to knock it off with the "put a pitchfork through her neck" rhetoric. There really is no place for it in civil society.

Link to the story here about this stupidity:
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You know I really didn't mean to start an arms race of political craziness between the great nations of Canada and the United States. It all started so innocently enough with Rob Ford reminding the world that Canada is more than hockey, beer and the guys who gave the world insulin. The timing was perfect really. We were still a year away from our election and you guys didn't seem to have one going on at the time so we shared a good laugh, everyone had fun at Toronto's expense like a true Canadian, and it was all good. Canada was able to put the crazy distractions behind and focus on our own election, at which point Donald Trump announced he was running for president.

Yeah, talk about making it hard to watch the Canadian party leader debates but turn around was fair play. It was still all good, no hard feelings, and again we move on. Until today.

Yeah America. I apologize. I didn't realize that we just couldn't resist the urge to out crazy you again so please, please, I beg you. Hold back your wrath. Let the better rational angels of your nature rise above this the way I know you can!

Ah the hell with it. At the rate this tit for tat is going the North American continent is going to be one giant Salvador Dali picture. Lets just roll the tape on an actual Canadian election commercial.


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So today is just one of those days at work where you just realize nothing is going to go particularly well. As a result I have to declare this day a complete and total bummer with no chance of anything to smile about.....

...what a minute! What's this? The PQ were defeated in the Quebec election? Quebecers rejected the PQ's ethnically divisive secular charter? Canada is not going to self destruct in the next five years or so? Pauline Marois lost her seat and will step down as the PQ's leader?!?

Oh happy day!

If I wasn't dealing with some torn up knees I'd be dancing in the streets right now. Instead I'm going to dedicate this song from one of my favourite movies to Mrs. Marois:

Mean spirited on my part? Yes! Guilty as charged! In my defence though having lived in a city where riots fueled by ethnic fears actually happened I never liked her take on how to deal with the PQ's "money and the ethnic vote" problem.* It just made the PQ seem small minded, and that's a generous term.

Maybe now Quebec can get back to its constant attempts to get the best deal it can with the federal government, just like the other nine provinces and three territories. :-)

*Former PQ leader and Quebec Premier Jacques Parizeau blamed the defeat of the 1995 separation referendum on "money and the ethnic vote". Hopefully this defeat will end this type of ethnically divisive politicking.
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It's pronounced "Can-a-da". We do not pronounce it "Can-eh-dee-ah". I have no issues when recording artists or comedians, or people who honestly don't know pronounce it that way but you're a news media organization. If you say "that's how they pronounce it" and I know its wrong, it just provides me with a good reason to doubt your journalistic accuracy with other stories.
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I can't wait to see the mug shot but who is going to be the one to handcuff him? That's what I want to know! :-)

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I can't honestly say I was ever a huge Stompin' Tom Connors fan but he was one of the first Canadian artists to show that you could have a career singing about the Canadian experience. I don't think it's too far of a stretch to say that the Canadian music scene owes a huge debt to guys like him and Stan Rogers.

Plus songs like "Bud the Spud", "The Good Old Hockey Game" and "Sudbury Saturday Night" are part of the soundtrack of my childhood, since even when I was in elementary school the lyrics to some of his songs were in my language arts books.

Farewell sir, you will be missed.

In his honour here's a nice country song of Canadian revenge. After all hell hath no fury like a Newfoundland farm girl who feels her new clock is cheap junk:


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