Jan. 19th, 2017

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I've said it before that the most dangerous animal outside of honeybees in Canada are moose and this video shows why. Take a look at where the animal's centre of mass is compared to the hood of the car. That could have been up to 1500 lbs EACH coming through his wind shield at speed and its not unknown for all that meat to end up in the BACK seat of the car.

Yeah. That's scary.

And as for his driving my hat is off to him. If he'd slammed the brakes instead of letting off when he started to slide he'd never have been able to thread the needle and in all probability would have hit at least one of them.

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CNN has an article asking "What type of tailgater are you" and as of today, I know the exact answer.

I'm the guy unwillingly tailgating a Ford Pinto at freeway speeds desperately hoping he doesn't brake, swerve, or otherwise do something stupid that ends up with us all in flames.

In short I'm like every other person right now.

I'd say good luck but there isn't enough to get us through the next four years unscathed so I'll just say "May God help us all".


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